Why is having good posture so important?

We’ve all heard someone tell us to “sit up” or “put those shoulders back”, maybe it was a parent, a teacher or a grandparent. But why is having good posture so important?

Good posture is all about maintaining balance, and preventing injuries or strain in the body. When we have good posture, the muscles surrounding the spine are balanced and support the body equally. This not only protects your muscles, but it also helps with confidence and increases our energy levels.

Importance of good posture.

How do you know if your posture is correct?

Posture check-in: 

When sitting:  your feet should rest flat on the floor, with even weight on both hips. Your back should be mostly straight (you’ll have natural curves in your lumbar, thoracic, and cervical areas). Your shoulders should be back but relaxed and your ears should line up over your collarbones.

When standing:  your legs should have a slight knee bend so you’re not hyperextending or locking your knee joints.

What influences your child’s posture?

Several factors can influence your child’s natural posture, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Activity levels
  • Height & Weight
  • Schoolbag or other bags.
  • Equipment and environment at school and home.
  • Self-confidence.

How can you improve your child’s natural posture?

1. Lead by example.

Work on correcting your own posture, and point out to your child how they can also work on improving their natural position.

2. Take a break from screens!

Encourage your child to be active and take a break from screens. Bending over screens all day encouraged slouched shoulders and an unnatural posture of the neck.

3. Watch out for Backpacks.

Be aware of how heavy their backpack is and make sure that the weight of the bag is evenly distributed over both shoulders.

4. Get stretchy!

Make it a ritual to stretch together before bedtime or after school to release some of the tension from sitting at school & maintaining flexibility in their muscles over time.

Concerned about how posture could be contributing to your child’s discomfort & pain? A clinical Podiatrist may be able to help! Feel free to contact our friendly team with any questions.