Expert CAM Walker (Moon Boot) Fittings for Growing Feet

Expert CAM Walker (Moon Boot) Fittings for Growing Feet

Welcome to our Children’s Podiatry Clinic, where we are dedicated to providing high quality foot care solutions for children of all ages. We understand the importance of proper support and healing when it comes to foot injuries. That’s why we offer expert CAM Walker (Moon Boot) fittings, ensuring your child’s comfort and optimal recovery.

What is a CAM Walker (Moon Boot)?

A CAM Walker, also known as a Moon Boot or Controlled Ankle Motion Walker, is a specialised medical device designed to provide support, stability, and protection for foot and ankle injuries. It allows controlled movement while preventing further strain on the affected area.

The Benefits of Expert CAM Walker (Moon Boot) Fittings

Our CAM Walker Fitting Process

Why Choose Us?

Paediatric Expertise

Our clinic has a special interest in children's foot health, ensuring that your child receives the best possible care from knowledgeable and experienced podiatrists.

Comprehensive Care

Beyond CAM Walker fittings, we offer a range of foot care services to address various concerns and ensure your child's overall foot health.

Personalised Approach:

We understand that each child's injury and recovery journey is unique. Our personalized approach ensures that your child's needs are met.

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Give your child the support they need to recover from foot and ankle injuries with expert CAM Walker fittings.  

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