Flat Feet

Flat Feet

Paediatric flat feet, also known as paediatric pes planus, is a common condition where a child’s arches appear flattened while standing. This condition can sometimes cause discomfort or pain, affecting a child’s ability to engage in physical activities and play. Fortunately, Children’s Podiatry offers evidence based care and treatment options to address paediatric flat feet, ensuring the healthy development of a child’s feet and overall well-being.

Understanding Pediatric Flat Feet:

Paediatric flat feet are often a natural part of a child’s growth and development. During early childhood, most children have a fat pad in the arch area, making their feet appear flat when standing. As they grow and their muscles strengthen, many children’s arches develop naturally. However, in some cases, the arches may not fully develop, leading to persistent flat feet.

Signs and Symptoms:

Signs that may indicate paediatric flat feet:

How Children's Podiatry Can Help

Our Podiatrists are allied health professionals who diagnose and treat foot and ankle conditions in children. When it comes to paediatric flat feet, they play a crucial role in ensuring the healthy development of a child’s feet and addressing any discomfort or pain.

Comprehensive Assessment:

Children's Podiatrists perform a thorough evaluation to determine the severity of the flat feet and whether any underlying factors are contributing to the condition.

Customised Treatment Plans

Based on the assessment, a tailored treatment plan is created to address the child's unique needs. Treatment options may include:

Education and Guidance:

Our Podiatrists provide parents and caregivers with valuable information and guidance on how to support a child with flat feet. This includes proper footwear selection, activity modification, and ongoing foot care practices.

Non-Invasive Interventions:

In most cases, paediatric flat feet can be managed without surgical intervention. Children's Podiatry Clinics focus on conservative approaches to promote natural foot development and alleviate discomfort.

Paediatric flat feet are a common concern, but with the evidence based treatment options provided by Children’s Podiatry, parents can feel confident in addressing the condition and ensuring their child’s healthy foot development. By understanding the signs, seeking professional evaluation, and following recommended treatment plans, parents can help their children enjoy an active and pain-free childhood.

For expert guidance and compassionate care for paediatric flat feet, trust the experienced Children’s Podiatry Clinics  team. 

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