Clumsiness, Tripping, and Falling in Children

Clumsiness, Tripping, and Falling in Children

Clumsiness, tripping, and falling are common concerns among parents of active children. While occasional mishaps are a natural part of growing up, persistent issues with balance and coordination may indicate underlying factors. At Children’s Podiatry Clinics, our experienced team are experts in identifying and addressing these concerns, offering expert care to ensure your child’s safety, confidence, and optimal foot health.

Understanding Clumsiness, Tripping, and Falling:

Clumsiness, tripping, and falling can result from various factors, including foot structure, muscle strength, sensory processing, and more.

Causes of Clumsiness and Falls:

Several factors can contribute to a child’s clumsiness and frequent falls, such as:

Signs and Symptoms:

Parents may observe the following signs in a child who experiences frequent clumsiness, tripping, and falling:

Expert Care at Children's Podiatry:

Our dedicated team of Podiatrists are experts in diagnosing and treating issues related to clumsiness, tripping, and falling, offering comprehensive care to enhance your child’s coordination and foot health.

Thorough Evaluation:

We conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify the underlying factors contributing to your child's balance and coordination challenges.

Customised Treatment Plans:

Based on the evaluation, we create personalised treatment plans that may include:

Parental Guidance:

We involve parents in the care process, providing guidance on exercises, footwear, and activities to support healthy balance and coordination.

Long-Term Support:

Ongoing monitoring and follow-up appointments may be recommended to track progress and make adjustments as needed.


At Children’s Podiatry, we understand the importance of addressing clumsiness, tripping, and falling to ensure your child’s safety and confidence. Our dedicated Podiatrists are committed to providing expert care, personalised treatment plans, and ongoing support to help your child develop optimal balance, coordination, and foot health.

To learn more about how we can assist your child in overcoming balance and coordination challenges, schedule a consultation with our skilled Children’s Podiatry Clinic team. 

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Non-Invasive Interventions:

In most cases, paediatric flat feet can be managed without surgical intervention. Children's Podiatrists focus on conservative approaches to promote natural foot development and alleviate discomfort.