A Holistic Approach

Putting Your Child's Best Foot Forward, Every Step of the Way

Children’s focused podiatry

Our motto is simple
“We love kids feet!”

At Children’s Podiatry Clinics our aim is to give your children the best treatment possible.

Available at our clinic

HICAPS is available at our clinic and your private health insurance can be used to claim against our services.

About us

Welcome to Children’s Podiatry Clinics – 

Nurturing Little Feet for Over 18 Years!

At Children’s Podiatry Clinics, we take pride in our extensive 18-year journey dedicated exclusively to paediatric podiatry. Our team has a special passion for the unique needs of young feet, ensuring they get the specialised care they deserve. We’re committed to laying a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy, active steps.

With a wealth of experience working not only with children, our clinic also has extensive experience with adolescents, including those aspiring to excel in sports and we employ a holistic approach. Our services encompass paediatric sports massage, children’s yoga, mindfulness and cutting-edge tools like 3D scanning to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.

Understanding the complexities of sensory processing disorder and the facets of neurodiverse care, we offer comprehensive support. Our sensory motor training aids in walking, co-ordination, balance, and postural control, ensuring every child receives tailored care for their unique needs.

In addition, our clinic offers cutting-edge photodynamic antimicrobial light therapy for fungal issues, painless wart treatments, ingrowing toe nail braces designed to avoid surgery, and a range of natural remedies offered as treatment options.

We invite  you to explore our comprehensive services and meet our expert team dedicated to your child’s foot health.

Acknowledgement to Country

We extend our gratitude to the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, Traditional Owners of the land where our Children’s Podiatry Clinic operates. . We pay our deepest respects to their past, present, and emerging Elders, recognising their enduring connection to this sacred land.  It is imperative to acknowledge and respect the profound cultural heritage tied to this land. This acknowledgment signifies our dedication to unity and respect within the Indigenous community and underscores our commitment to reconciliation.

Healing lies at the heart of our clinic’s mission. It encompasses not only physical well-being but also forms an integral part of comprehensive care. Recognizing the Traditional Custodians acknowledges their ancestral wisdom in healing practices passed through generations. Their deep-rooted connection to nature and traditional knowledge imparts valuable insights into nurturing health and restoring equilibrium.

By aligning with the wisdom of First Nations peoples, we aim to foster an inclusive environment where all families feel embraced and supported. We understand that healing surpasses individual treatment plans; it embodies cultural sensitivity, empathy, and a celebration of diversity.


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Neurodiverse Playhouse

Art and play-based skills hub, empowering all children, adolescents and families to thrive.