Childrens Podiatry | Curly Toes
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Curly Toes

What are Curly Toes?

Curly toes are a condition where the fourth or fifth toe curls underneath the adjacent toe. It is quite common in infancy and childhood. Of the many conditions which result in a change in the shape or position of the toes, the curly toe stands out as a more unique deformity that is treated in a somewhat different manner than a standard toe deformity.

Signs & Symptoms

If your child is suffering from Curly toes it may be easy to diagnose by looking at your child’s feet.

If however the deformity is more subtle then other symptoms can include:

  • Toe pain
  • Corns on the top of the toe from excessive shoe rubbing
  • Pressure sores
  • Blisters



The cause of curly toes is generally a rotation of the little toe towards the toe next to it. Often called a curly toe, this condition is the combination of a hammertoe deformity, and an actual inward rotation of the toe.The result of this abnormal toe position is usually a very painful corn that forms due to the pressure from the shoe on the toe, where the toe bone is now prominent due to the toe rotation.


The little toe is not the only toe that can curl inward. This can also be seen in the other smaller toes, although the fourth toe (the one next to the little toe) is the primary toe outside of the little toe to develop this. However, this toe does not tend to develop the same sort of painful corn as the little toe, due to the unique position of the little toe on the outside of the foot.


If there is pain and discomfort, at Children’s Podiatry Clinic we are able to assess your child and provide appropriate treatment options and advice. If you are concerned or your child is complaining of toe pain then it is best to take them to see a Podiatrist.