Childrens Podiatry | When Does Your Child Need to See a Podiatrist?
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When Does Your Child Need to See a Podiatrist?

23 Aug 2018 When Does Your Child Need to See a Podiatrist?

Knowing when your children needs to visit a podiatrist can be difficult to determine, especially when they are not complaining of any pain and discomfort. To make things easier for you as a parent here are a few simple ways to determine when your child should come visit our friendly podiatrists at Children’s Podiatry!

  • Your child complains of pain especially in areas such as the feet, heels, ankles, legs, knees and upper legs.
  • Your child is clumsy and trips often
  • Your child appears to walk differently to other children their age
  • Your child is unable to keep up well with other children their age
  • Your child’s shoes wear unevenly
  • If there is a family history of foot, ankle, knee, leg and hip conditions
  • You notice that your child his flat footed, pigeon toed and toe walks
  • Your child is experiencing pain during running, walking, standing and touch
  • Your child doesn’t like to walk to walk for long distance
  • Your child gets tired or sore legs when walking and running
  • Your child sustains an injury
  • Your child sits in a w position

So if you have said YES to any of these 12 statements then this is the right time to bring your child in for an assessment today. At Children’s Podiatry your child will be assessed and provided with the most appropriate treatment plan to get your child back up and running.   All you need to do is call 8645 9845 or book online here: