Childrens Podiatry | How can Orthotics be an Effective Treatment Option for Children?
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How can Orthotics be an Effective Treatment Option for Children?

20 Jun 2018 How can Orthotics be an Effective Treatment Option for Children?

Orthotics for children can be effective in offering biomechanical support as well as restoring their natural gait pattern. When the child’s feet are realigned early on, the feet are able to develop naturally and foot complaints can be prevented or minimised.


What Orthotics can help with:

Flat feet/ Overpronation:

Flat feet and excess pronation is rolling in of the foot and collapsing of the arch. It is a highly common foot condition and it should be noted that flat feet in children is completely normal. By the age of 7-8, a normal arch should be visible. If the foot continues to remain flat or only a very slight arch is visible, and if there is excessive ankle pronation then orthotics can be effective. Orthotics can help in supporting the medial arch which turns the rearfoot to its prime position. They will also help in shock absorption, by reducing stress placed on the heel and forefoot.


Osgood Schlatters:

Osgood Schlatters is a condition signified by knee pain corresponding to activity with a lot of jumping actions e.g. seen in basketball, soccer, football. Orthotics can help with this condition by reducing the stress and force on the child’s growth plate, in turn reducing knee pain.


Sever’s Disease:

Sever’s disease is a type of ‘growing pain’ that causes pain in the heel. It is a common condition as the heel bone is not completely developed until the age of 14 or even older. New bone is forming at the growth plate and repetitive force and stress on this area cab cause pain and inflammation. Orthotics can provide support in the foot and prevent over pronation. It can also help with shock absorption at heel strike which decreases pain at the heel. They will also improve lower limb alignment and reduce tibia and femur rotation as well as decrease stress on the ankle joint.


For accurate and comfortable orthotics for your child, do not hesitate to book in to see our friendly and skilled podiatrists today!