Childrens Podiatry | Growth Milestones In Your Child’s Feet!
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Growth Milestones In Your Child’s Feet!

07 Feb 2018 Growth Milestones In Your Child’s Feet!

From the time that your child is born to the moment that they begin to walk there are multiple stages and milestones that your child will need to develop to allow them to crawl, walk and then run. All children will develop these milestones at different ages.

It is important to note that your baby’s foot is not yet fully formed at birth and will consist of cartilage. Between the ages of 3- 6 months the cartilage like tissue within the foot will eventually begin to ossify into bone and create joint spaces between the tissues to allow your foot to move effectively. By the time that your child reaches 6-9 months and as your child puts pressure onto their feet, the cartilage like tissues will become even harder to form bone. This is why is so important to avoid foot complications within early development. It will help avoid issues in the future.  In the beginning, your child will only have 25 bones within their feet as the navicular bone is yet to develop until later stages of their childhood at around 7 years old.


In order for your child to even consider attempting to crawl they first need to develop a strong neck and back muscles which occurs during tummy time. When your child in laying on their stomach they will start to lift their head upwards to explore their new surroundings. Once they have good neck and back muscles you will notice that your child’s leg muscles begin to develop for crawling. To be able to crawl, hip muscles develop and stretch, back and posture strength occurs and their overall skeletal alignment develops.


Usually around 7-10 months your child may be able to sit without support and begin to crawl. Some children who reach their milestone early may even be able to pull themselves from a sitting to standing position. Within the 9-12 month period, once your child has crawled, they will begin to take their first few steps while holding onto furniture or toys for support. As balance improves, children will be able to take their first few step unaided. Quite a lot of children will be able to walk on their first birthday with others walking before 12 months and others developing few months following this.


Between the ages of 2-3 years your child will be able to run with a few trips here and there occurring. They will be able to jump with both feet, walk up and down stairs unaided and start learning to balance on one foot.


Between the ages of 3-5 years old your child’s walking pattern is usually developed and their foot posture will look more like an adult shaped foot, which often gives us an indication if there may be foot related complications within the future.


If you are concerned about your child’s development make sure that you book in today to see one of our friendly children’s podiatrists who will be able to help you with all your foot concerns.

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