Childrens Podiatry | Why Are Feet Ticklish?
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Why Are Feet Ticklish?

17 Jan 2018 Why Are Feet Ticklish?

Does the thought of being tickled make your cringe? Does it bring back memories of being tickled as a child? Are your feet the most ticklish part of your body?


It has been found that the feet are the most ticklish part of your body due to having nearly 8,000 nerve endings supplying the feet. While most people don’t like the idea of being tickled it can actually be a good thing as it indicates good foot health. Generally, if you aren’t ticklish on your feet it could be a sign of damage or issues with the nerve receptors. Medical conditions that could result in this occurring can include diabetes, arthritis, vitamin deficiencies or thyroid problems.


It has been found that there are 2 different types of tickling that can occur including:


  1. Knismesis which occurs as a result of light tough or movement across the skin. This kind of light tough will generally occur when touching grass or when a fly/ insect crawls across out skin. You will often feel itchy after or even have a shiver. Most of the time you will not laugh.
  2. Gargalesis is considered a more enjoyable experience in which you are laughing and are awaiting the anticipation of being tickled. This type of tickling cannot be brought on by yourself and usually requires being tickled by another individual.


If you have noticed that you have a reduced sensation or are unable to detect sensation within your feet make sure that you are getting assessed by one of our friendly podiatrists to check your sensation today.

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