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Warts – Acid Vs Freezing Treatments

27 Dec 2017 Warts – Acid Vs Freezing Treatments

Why won’t my warts go away-I’ve had them frozen and more come up? What treatments work best and why?

Do you suffer from persistent warts that continue to reoccur even though you have had them frozen off multiple times? Do you find the new warts pop up even once treatment has begun?

With all types of wart treatments, we want to create an immune response to allow your body to fight off the wart effectively. Though in some cases such as when warts are frozen off or liquid nitrogen is used, the development of more warts will often occur around the area that you are treating. Quite often, freezing warts may only touch the surface but doesn’t really get down to the root of the wart itself.

With little success in freezing warts, regular podiatry visits are often required to ensure an appropriate treatment occurs which will often involve regular debridement of the overlying callus as well as the use of salicylic acid to allow the wart to be drawn out of the skin.

In doing this we remove the top layer of the wart to allow the virus to remain exposed for the next application of acid. Using the acid as well as wart pads will allow us to eventually see an improvement in the wart size as the wart slowly removes itself from the healthy tissue.

Monthly podiatry appointments are recommended to monitor the process and for regular application of the acid. Treatment of warts will vary from 12 weeks onwards depending on size, duration wart has been present and how often/ persistent you are with providing treatment.

If you or your child have been suffering from persistent warts that just don’t go away, why not book in today for an assessment so that we can get you wart free as soon as possible.


This article was written by Lauren, one of our skilled Podiatrists. To book in with Lauren either give us a call or book online and select ‘Lauren’ as your practitioner.

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