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Toe Walking

06 Dec 2017 Toe Walking

Your child has just reached the exciting new milestone of walking. A few months have passed and your child has become more confident with their walking pattern in which they are wanting to explore further. Within these few months you have also started to notice that your child is walking on their tip toes more and more frequently. This begins to worry you, as other children their age are not walking the same way.

Children who toe walk have the inability for their heels to make contact with the ground. Some children are able to put their heels down on the ground when asked. Sometimes, parents will observe that their children will walk and run on their toes and when asked to do so, their children will be able to walk flat-footed.


So should you be concerned if your child is toe walking? For the majority of children this is only a temporary habit and they will typically grow out of toe walking by the age of 3 years old.


There a numerous features of idiopathic toe walking including:

  • Walking on their tippy toes on both sides
  • Are constantly balancing on their toes
  • Keeping up with children their own age
  • Walking with straight knees
  • Tend to be able to stand with their feet flat on the ground
  • Have a family history of toe walking


It is important to seek assistance should your child be toe walking in order to prevent muscle tightness and gait abnormalities. You may find that your child has developed tight calf muscles, reduced movement at their ankles and anterior muscles become weaker.


In rare cases your child may have conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophy and other neurological conditions which after often associated with toe walking. Assistance should be sought if your child continues or begins to toe walk after the age of 3 years.


If you have noticed that your child is toe walking make sure that you book in today for an assessment with one of our skilled podiatrists.

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