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Curly Toes

06 Dec 2017 Curly Toes

Curly toes is a common condition that affects infants and children. Quite often the severity will vary among all children. As your child becomes older the appearance of curly toes will often become more noticeable. In some cases, your child may grow out of it.

Typically, it has been found that the 3rd and 4th toes appear to be affected the most. More often than not the toes will curl underneath or over the top of each other due to tendons within the toes becoming too tight resulting in one toe pulling underneath the next toe.

Quite often curly toes have a genetic component as well as the long flexor tendons being too tight.







If you are concerned that your child is developing curly toes, then you may notice these symptoms within your child:

  • Flattening and thickening of the toe nails
  • Sores and blisters present due to increased pressure
  • Difficulty wearing footwear


For the majority of cases curly toes do not require treatment, though if symptoms are experienced, surgery may be required. Surgery is usually only considered if the child is beyond 5 years and symptoms have not resolved.


To assist in reducing curly toes from occurring, wearing shoes with a greater amount of space and structured support can help curly toes from further progressing. Make sure to read all about good footwear following this link.


If your child has developed curly toes, make sure that you visit one of our friendly podiatrists today for an assessment.

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