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Autism And The Feet

19 Oct 2017 Autism And The Feet

Has your child been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? Have you noticed that your child appears as clumsy or walks differently to other children their age?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that will usually develop within early childhood.More often than not, delays and impairments may be seen in their social skills, communication and behaviour.

Autism will often affect children differently ranging from mild to severe cases. Within recent years children have also been known to have trouble with their gross motor skills (large movements of the legs and arms), coordination and balance which can affect their walking and running gait.

Quite often the following factors may be observed by a podiatrist in children with Autism.

Low Muscle Tone (Hypotonia)

–   May vary from a moderate to severe reduction in muscle tone

Your child may appear floppy and have a poor physical endurance such as difficulty standing and walking for prolonged periods of time.

Poor balance, coordination, joint proprioception and an impaired walking pattern

Changes to your child’s gait may include:

– Shorter steps taken while walking

– Wider base of gait

Toe Walking

– Children are more prone to walking and standing on their tip toes involuntary

– Can lead to an imbalance in the leg muscles as well as a reduction in joint range of motion at the ankle joint

Sensory sensitivities

– Have heightened senses such as sound, touch and taste

– They may often find that particular surfaces such as grass and sand cause irritation

–  Children may also find footwear and socks to be intolerable as well


If you are concerned about your child’s walking pattern, make sure that you book into to see one of our friendly podiatrists today who will be able to assess your child in the following areas:

  •       Foot posture
  •       Joint range of motion and flexibility
  •       Foot and leg muscle strength
  •       Walking pattern and biomechanical assessment
  •       Balance, coordination and pelvic stability
  •       Footwear assessment​


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