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Pigeon Toed Walking

27 Sep 2017 Pigeon Toed Walking

Your child has started to walk and you have noticed that their feet are turning inwards while walking. You have never noticed anyone else’s children walking this way and wonder if it is normal at such a young age. After speaking to your family doctor they have recommended that you visit your local podiatry clinic.

After having your child assessed by your podiatrist they inform you that your child is experiencing a condition called in toeing. So what exactly is in toeing?

In toeing, also known as pigeon toed walking, is a condition that results in your child’s feet turning inwards when walking instead of the toes and feet pointing straight ahead. While in toeing is considered normal, if it does not correct itself, only occurs on one side and is affecting their ability to walk, treatment is often required.


There are 3 common causes of in toeing including:

  1. Internal Tibial Torsion
    • Occurs when the shinbone (tibia) is twisted
    • The twist can happen as a result of your baby’s position in the womb when the bones are still soft and developing 
    • Quite often the bones will begin to untwist as your child begins to grow by school age
  2. Femoral Anteversion
    • The thigh bone (femur) turns inwards
    • It will usually correct itself by 9-10 years old
    • If not corrected during childhood, then your child may walk pigeon toed as a adult
  3. Metatarsus adductus
    • The feet are curved inwards
    • Your child’s foot may have a C-shaped or banana shaped foot appearance


If you have noticed that your child’s toes point inwards when walking, make sure you book in to see one of our friendly podiatrists today for an assessment. This will ensure that your child is provided with the right treatment plan for their needs.

To find out more about in toeing click here.

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