Childrens Podiatry | Tips For Toddler Footwear
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Tips For Toddler Footwear

17 May 2017 Tips For Toddler Footwear


  1. Avoid secondhand shoes for toddlers

Quite often, parents with many children will pass their shoes down the line because shoes can be expensive and having to buy multiple pairs twice a year can definitely put a dint in the wallet. Tread carefully when doing so as “Almost 80% of foot problems come from wearing the wrong footwear or ill-fitting shoes in our clinics” – Melissa Biedak, Podiatrist, Children’s Podiatry Clinics. Worn shoes have already moulded to the foot of the initial wearer, and wearing hand me downs can definitely have a negative impact on your child.


  1. Promoting healthy foot development

Soft soled feet or rigid, stiff shoes? Which is the better one?
Walking barefoot can be one of the best ways for your child to walk properly. This allows the foot to build up its strength and muscularity, as well as the grasping action of the toes.
Melissa also recommends that soft soled shoes should be avoided for children who are already walking.


  1. Ideal features to look out for in a shoe

  • Shoes made of breathable materials e.g Leather
  • Fastening mechanism e.g. laces, Velcro straps
  • Smooth sole
  • The shoe should be able to flex only at the toe region, not around the middle of the arch.


Be sure to change your toddler’s shoes every 3-4 months, there should be a thumb width gap from the end of the longest toe to the end of the shoe.

Be smart about your child’s footwear choices as it can prevent problems later down the track.


Melissa Biedak


Children’s Podiatry Clinics