Childrens Podiatry | Sweaty Feet?
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Sweaty Feet?

02 Feb 2017 Sweaty Feet?

With the start of the school year upon us, you may be starting back up the after school sporting activities. Which can often mean that your child’s feet are becoming warm and sweaty.

Plantar Hyperhidrosis is a condition known as sweaty feet, which tends to affect the bottom of your feet. Long term complications of sweaty feet may result in Athletes Foot and Plantar Warts. Typically, it has been found that each foot contains nearly 250,000 sweat glands which means your foot tends to be sweaty all the time and bacteria is present naturally.

While sweating itself has no reason to be alarmed as it is normal for everyone, excessive sweating can result in the following common symptoms occurring:

– Smelly feet and odour
– Increase in skin conditions
– Itchy feet
– Toe nail fungus
– Athletes Foot (known as Tinea Pedis)
– Socks soaking and very damp
– Clamminess of the feet

There are often numerous reasons as to why your child may be experiencing excessive sweating. Quite often it can be a result of emotional stress or simply just an increase in physical activity. Other factors may include genetics, footwear that is made with plastic or synthetic fabric and/or socks made from nylon or 100% cotton, which tend to act like a sponge retaining the moisture.

It is important to make sure that excessive sweat is controlled to avoid other complications occurring at a later stage.

Here are a few tips of avoid excessive sweating:

– Wearing breathable shoes
– Drying feet after bathing
– Wearing synthetic socks
– Antifungal spray for shoes
– Washing feet daily
– Changing socks and shoes regularly
– Rotating your shoes so that the same shoe isn’t worn everyday

If your child has been suffering from smelly or sweaty feet then come and see one of our friendly Podiatrists’ today at Children’s Podiatry for an assessment. You can call us on 8645 9845 or book an appointment online here.