Childrens Podiatry | What Is A Pelvic Drop?
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What Is A Pelvic Drop?

25 Jan 2017 What Is A Pelvic Drop?

Toddler girl playing on a walk in autumn

One of ‘those things I see missed’ very often affecting the success of treatments.

A PELVIC DROP which can be commonly seen in children, is caused by the loss of support from the lower limbs, primarily the foot. The medial arch of the foot drops, causing a pronated foot type, causes the legs to rotate medially which in turn created a drop at the head of the femur. This is known as a functional imbalance. Pronation of the foot may occur from childhood and can also form over the years as the muscles and ligaments at the arch start to lax.

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Major symptoms however do not usually occur at the foot. Some symptoms with a Pelvic Drop include:
• Clumsiness/Tripping/Falling
• Sore and Tired Legs
• Back pain
• Unilateral (one sided) strains and sprains

Some visual signs of the cause being the lower limbs include:
• Pelvic tilt
• Lower sacral base
• Differences in the position of the head of the femur

To be able to differentiate whether the anatomical variations are functional or structural in nature, a clinical postural examination including a lower limb screening is necessary. Imaging has not been found to be beneficial with this.

Orthoses can be used to manage this problem. They help with:
• Reducing pronation by supporting the arches as well as correcting the eversion at the calcaneus. This in turn will reduce the medial rotation at the legs and the sacroiliac joints.
• Reducing ground reaction forces through the longer limb, in the case of a limb length discrepancy.
• Increasing shock absorption at the heel, upon heel strike.
• Supporting the lower back in a true anatomical dysfunction

At Children’s Podiatry Clinics I ensure that all of my Podiatrists’ have been trained to identify and provide the right treatment options for your child. We are a holistic clinic aiming to restore mobility, function and well being to all of our patients. See our Children’s Podiatry Website for more information.

If your child has been experiencing any of the stated symptoms, then come and see one of our Podiatrists’ today at Children’s Podiatry for an assessment. Phone bookings can be made by calling our friendly reception staff on 8645 9845 or alternatively you can make an online booking here.

Have a wonderful day,

Melissa Biedak