Childrens Podiatry | How To Find The Right Shoe For You?
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How To Find The Right Shoe For You?

09 Jan 2017 How To Find The Right Shoe For You?


Did you know, the average human walks approximately 128,000 km over a life time. That’s enough to go around the circumference of the earth three times! As you can see that is a lot of walking, therefore it is important we all wear comfortable and supportive shoes.

While some shoes look nice and feel comfortable, they might not be the right shoe for you.

What you should look for:
• Broad toe shoe
• Shoe fastening – laces, straps, or Velcro
• Material – a stretchy upper may be preferable for some foot deformities
• Rubber sole – durable, helps with shock absorption and grip
• Good size – allow for 1cm extra from your largest toe
• Well-padded insole – helps with comfort and shock absorption
• Heel – less than 2.5cm, anything higher puts more pressure on the ball of the foot

What you should avoid:

• Narrow shoes
• Pointy shoes
• High heels/stilettos
• Don’t buy shoes that need breaking in, they should be comfortable from when you buy them
• Slip on shoes
• Flat shoes with no insole
• Shoes that can be folded on top of each other – e.g. thongs, barefoot runners

If you are wishing to get some advice on footwear for either you or your child, or for any foot related issues, don’t hesitate to visit us at Children’s Podiatry. Our friendly staff are waiting to take your call on 8645 9845 or make your appointment online here.

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