Childrens Podiatry | Spending Money on Your Socks: Is It Worth The Price?
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Spending Money on Your Socks: Is It Worth The Price?

04 Jan 2017 Spending Money on Your Socks: Is It Worth The Price?


Forget about the bundle packs of socks you find at K-mart or Big W, expensive socks are all the rage right now! You may be wondering what gives them the right to put these steep prices on some ordinary socks?! But read on and you’ll find out why you are paying the big bucks for these superior socks.

Sock technology

• Extra cushioning on pressure points
• Ideal for sensitive feet

Drymax / Dry-Fit / Cool-Max

• Wicks the moisture away and keeps your feet dry
• Ideal for sweaty feet
• Ideal for blister prone

Seam-free toe closures

• Smoother finish to the sock
• Prevents rubbing in areas

Temperature regulating
• Socks made from wool and synthetic materials have the ability to adapt to multi-seasons

Compression effects
• Stimulates blood flow
• Provides therapeutic muscle support


Why do Socks matter when under activity?

During athletic activity, perspiration output on the feet can exceed to almost 500ml on one foot. When wearing socks that are made of certain fibres that soak up the moisture, these can create problems like blisters and hot spots. Therefore, to minimise moisture accumulation, socks made from moisture wicking materials can help prevent such from occurring.

Sure these socks may not give you superhuman abilities but they will definitely ensure you have a comfortable experience when under physical activity. So think twice before opting for the cheaper alternative!

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