Childrens Podiatry | The Link Between Your Feet and Your Body Wellness
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The Link Between Your Feet and Your Body Wellness

28 Dec 2016 The Link Between Your Feet and Your Body Wellness


We often forget just how much wear and tear and pressure that goes through our feet every day. Especially when you consider nearly ¼ of all the bones within the body are located just within the feet! That’s 26 bones within each foot, 60 joints, 200 muscles, ligaments and tendons that provide the glue to ensure your feet are held together and allow them to function.

Your feet are the foundation of your body, just like the foundations of a house, they are the strength and support for the entire body. So if your feet are not aligned, imbalanced or have some weakness (injury), it is more likely to affect your body’s overall structure.

It has been found that nearly 80% of the population are over-pronate. This is where the arches of your feet tend to collapse towards the ground and the ankles begin to roll inwards. If your feet and ankles become unbalanced your body has to compensate for these changes, in order to allow the rest of the body to maintain the appropriate balance to avoid falling over.


Typically, you may notice that when any changes to your posture occurs, your legs may rotate inwards, hips rotate forward as well as your upper body and head may move in an anterior position. Over time these postural changes can result in muscle imbalance, which can also affect your joints while weight bearing, potentially leading to chronic joint inflammation resulting in long term pain.

Not only does a change in posture affect your muscles but it can also lead to complications regarding your organs. It has been found that your organs may become compressed within confined spaces reducing their inability to function appropriately. This can have numerous effects on your health in the short and long term.

Don’t let pain within your feet affect you another day longer! Improve the structure of you and your child’s body, protect your feet and reduce your chances of future health risks.

If you or your child feels unbalanced, have poor posture or are experiencing any of these symptoms in regards to your feet rolling inwards or outwards, then come and visit us at Children’s Podiatry for an assessment with one of our friendly Podiatrists. Call us today on 8645 9845 or alternatively book an appointment online here.

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