Childrens Podiatry | What Affect Does Wearing Nail Polish Have On Your Nails?
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What Affect Does Wearing Nail Polish Have On Your Nails?

22 Dec 2016 What Affect Does Wearing Nail Polish Have On Your Nails?


With summer finally here, it’s that time of year to get your feet out and feel the sand in between your toes.

Like so many of us, when it comes to finally being able to wear your favourite open toes shoes, we often don’t like the appearance of our nails thus a lot of us end up covering our toenails with nail polish. Though there are not many people that are actually aware or told about the implications that are associated with wearing nail polish in both the short and long term.

Nails are like skin, just as you would apply sunblock to your skin to work as a barrier to prevent UV Rays from damaging your skin, nail polish works similarly. Wearing nail polish acts as a barrier, this results in the inability of your nails being able to breathe effectively. Exposing your nails regularly, without, helps maintain the health of your nails allowing them to breathe.

It is often recommended, when applying nail polish, that it is only worn for 2 weeks at any given time, making sure there is adequate breathing time in between applications. It has been found that over time, the pigment within the nail polish often absorbs into the upper layers of your nails, causing them to dry out. As the nails become dry and fragile, you increase the risk of developing yeast, bacteria, fungus and mould both below and on the surface of your nails.

After removing your nail polish, you may have found on occasion your nails are stained with a yellowish like colour or they’re white and chalky with small dots covering parts of the nail. Quite often nail polish can cause discolouration of the nails. This is the result of long term wear and your nails inability to breath.

For health nails, it is important to make sure you are removing nail polish regularly, as well as filing your nails gently. The use of Vitamin E oil is great to help restore the appearance of your nail. This oil can be found at your local pharmacy or health food store.

So now the next time you go to apply your nail polish, make sure you have considered the risk of wearing nail polish over prolonged periods of time.

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