Childrens Podiatry | Why Do Your Feet Smell?
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Why Do Your Feet Smell?

07 Dec 2016 Why Do Your Feet Smell?


Did you know that smelly feet is an actual medical condition known as Bromodosis?

There are about 2-4 million sweat glands all over the body and most of these are found in the feet! These sweat glands help regulate body temperature by releasing sweat to cool the body down especially when exercising. Sweat is mostly made up of water with tiny amounts of other chemicals like salts etc. So you may think it is sweat that’s responsible for that foul odour but it’s actually the interaction between sweat and the bacteria that live on our skin that is causing the smell.

There are a lot of us of all ages, who spend majority of the day in closed shoes. By the end of any given day you may have noticed that your feet and socks are a little damp once your shoes have come off. This is the kind of environment where bacteria thrive the most, in dark, moist and closed places. So it is no surprise why our feet may give off a bit of a stink!

Sweating is a part of our human bodily function, we can’t control sweating but there are a few ways that we can help keep that smell to a minimum for both adults and children.

These include:
– Wearing shoes made of breathable materials e.g. leather. AVOID SYNTHETIC MATERIALS
– Wearing socks made from moisture wicking materials or natural fibres
– Rotating your footwear and avoid wearing the same shoe on consecutive days
– Applying talcum powder between the toes to help prevent moisture build up
– Taking regular salt baths with vinegar makes the feet an inhospitable breeding ground for bacteria

If you or your child have addressed all the environmental factors but nothing seems to be working, it might be worthwhile visiting your podiatrist to have a look! Give our friendly staff a call at Children’s Podiatry or book an appointment online here.